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This is addressed to the guys working on ver 13 of the ide.

Is it true you are going to incorporate support for the 328p?
I was wondering as Ive had problems with my modified version 12 and wanted to know if youve had any problems or if its tested out ok for you.
There is a post on the lady ada forum as this is where I got the 328p's from so I wont go into specifics here.

Is there a release date for ver 13 of the ide?




Or can someone point me to the notes, bug list or development documentation.
Ive seen the repository but didnt see any documentation.





Thats a long to do list!
Good luck with it. Im impressed with how well it all works.
Cant be easy with us users pressing for extra hardware support all the time.

Have you tried the 328p yet?



Yeah.  The core and libraries in 0013 will support the 328p, but it won't be included in the boards menu.


The list is impressive - but please do not move millis() to timer1.  The loss of the general purpose 16 bit timer counter and the functionality that goes with (such as input capture) would be a serous drawback.


Yeah, I would only do that if it was possible without interfering with other uses, which is probably impossible.  In any case, we seem to be finding reasonable solutions on timer 0.


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I noticed a TODO for up-to-date photos of the boards, and blinking LEDs, etc.  These are for documentation and/or press photos.

I only have a Duemilanove, but I have all the photo/light equip necessary to do this.  I can even provide some (CC) photos for walking through a basic tutorial like ladyada's tutorials.  If people like those and want other boards documented, we can work out a USPS part exchange or something.  PM me here or email me.



My first post here :)

I guess for the version 13 you will use the latest WinAVR?

I took some advance and recompiled (in cygwin) binutils219, gcc432 and avrlibc164, everything works fine, but now my test application is too big, more than 14Kb instead of 13K.

Using latest toolchains add 1K to application, which is big :-(

Do you plan on any tweak?



Please fix the IDE formating for tabs.  This is really the only thing that annoys me.  I'm not sure the IDE preserves tabs either, which it should do.  I'd also like to see a preference for number of chars for a tab, so we could define our tab length.  I prefer to use a setting of 4.

Currently, tabs seem to be converted to spaces in the IDE.



Will people be able to replace the 168 with the 328 in the Decimilia's or will new hardware be required?


Will people be able to replace the 168 with the 328 in the Decimilia's or will new hardware be required?

The 328 is a pin compatible replacement for the 168 so if your Decimilia is socketed, you should be able to swap in a 328. This should help:

the IDE and avr tools will need updating to work with the 328 though.


Well there have been several questions about V13 and the 328P processor chip. While it's been stated that V13 will have some kind of support for this chip it was also stated that there would not be a pull down board selection for it. So what will people have to do to actual be able to download programs to a 328 in V13 ?


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