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I tried to get a watchdog timer working with version 12 but with no success. I was told version 12 does not support the watchdog timer function. Would be nice to have in version 13.
Rico Bravo


I am trying to write a library for the Arduino, but am having a lot of problems with IDE 0012.  I am guessing these problems have to do with the macros that were added for casting, but I am not sure.

The build system will not find the .h file for my library at all. When using the IDE to try to build my sketch that uses the new library, I get errors in WProgram.h and errors that my class is not defined anywhere. When I have all of my code in a sketch, including the library code, everything builds and works fine. My library dir is in the right place:  ./arduino-0012/hardware/libraries

Is there an alpha or beta of IDE 0013 available that I can try out?



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You can check if the macros are the problem by commenting them out of \hardware\cores\arduino\wiring.h

I do the following, but you can just enclose the lines with comments

Code: [Select]

//#define USE_PESKY_MACROS // uncomment this line to test with the pesky macros enabled
#define int(x)     ((int)(x))
#define char(x)    ((char)(x))
#define long(x)    ((long)(x))
#define byte(x)    ((uint8_t)(x))
#define float(x)   ((float)(x))


The macros do not appear to be at fault in this case. The build system is just not finding the .h file for my library.



If you want to use a library with the Arduino Makefile, you need to add its .c or .cpp files to the source list and its path to the include path.  This seems to be standard practice for Makefile use, and is one of the advantages of the Arduino environment.


It won't work within the IDE (0012) either.  It gets errors on WProgram.h now.  However, if I pull all the library code into a sketch, everything builds  using the Makefile, and runs perfectly, but can not be built inside the IDE.



One small suggestion.. would it be possible to add Hotkeys to the IDE - like F6 for build and F5 for Build and Upload?
Thats one of the things i terribly miss on the IDE..


Ctrl-R is build and ctrl-u is upload (which also does a build). Do those work?


yes, it does.. havent noticed them before *blushes* - yet it would be quite nice to have F5 and F6 as well.. i dont know how many Visual Studio users are arround, but for those this could be quite handy ;0)


What about the serial monitor in the IDE 13 ?
What i miss are to use escape sequences for cursor home and clear screen. That would make it much more comfortable to observe data.
a variable font size is on my wishlist too.



How long till Version 13 is available?

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