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Just a small thing that gets annoying to those of us who burn code with a external programmer. Can we get the .hex file to generate in a more standardized place when hitting "compile", e.g. inside the sketch folder? I hate having to find the temp file directory deep inside my User folder every time I need to upload.


There is a work-around I found on another thread.  Create the applet folder (any name) under arduino-0018 folder and restart Arduino IDE.  Then when the compile or upload is clicked, it works, uploads and all.  The folder is filled with the files - easy to find and a reasonable name. MUCH better.  Problem if the sketch is changed as I sometimes do in testing different version - you overwrite the previous files.

This is better than the temp folder crap - even better still would be if it would put the applet under the sketch folder as before so the files didn't get overwrote if changing sketch.  

An option would be very good.

Ken H.

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