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I have modified the original LiquidCrystal() library that comes with the Arduino IDE and modified it so it is a 4 bit only library that uses 6 pins to interface with an LCD.  I'm calling it NewLCD().  It works great on the LCD I have at home, but I would like others to check out what I have done here and use the library in their own projects.  

The main difference between this library and neillzero LCD4Bit library is that the library doesn't have to be recompiled every time you decide to change the pins you want to use for the LCD, making this library more portable.

It's currently at version 0.1 and I want to be adding more features to the library.  I did implement shiftDisplayLeft() and shiftDisplayRight() in this library.

I'm looking for comments and suggestions.  This is my first attempt at a library, so I'd like to know anything that I could be doing better.

NewLCD() library link: http://sites.google.com/site/teedeeus/Home/NewLCD.zip?attredirects=0


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