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oh hey guys im student and i have a project due in very soon in about 48 hours and i need make something that stands alone from a computer. it has to some how use the human body in some way. eg touch senors that turns on a motor when i use the touch sensor something like that. im goin make my own sensors or buy them depends.

any ideas guys for project since i cant programme for shit and i dnt wana fail this paper :( im diffiently not taking next time so just need help to get me thru this one assignment then thats it so no need realy to explain it in great depth as i will be not using it in the future anyway.  internet once a again saving the day ;)


Hi agoge,

do you have an Arduino? If not so, get one! Depending on your electronics parts bin, you can do all kind of simple stuff:

Very Simple: Use a pushbutton to control an LED.
Simple: Use a pot to control the brightness of an LED.
Simple: Build a cpacitive sensor from aluminium foil and use that to either toggle or dim an LED.

and so on and so on...

So what do you have in your parts collection and how complex should this get? If really just "Interact with the human body somehow", I would go for dimming an LED with a capacitive sensor, as it is a)simple, b)cool, and c)you only need a capacitor, aluminium foil, an LED and an Arduino.


Maybe you should have started your project a little sooner ;)


to comment above yea i shud of ..... dont need to remind me. um any other tips on which are easy sensors to setup etc and some simple code?


Take a look at the Playground on the Arduino website. It tells you how to connect just about anything up to an Arduino.


thanks  :) im complating just failing the paper :| but im goin regret that hard i think if i do that as il have to pay 500 buks to redo another pay next year and i already paid 1000 buks of resisting


It might do you some good to do another year in school anyway ;)

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