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(as this is my first post I could only post an image in my second post)

Thanks in advance



I found this post

and added the extra lines under virtualwire.h and it now compiles :-)

#include <VirtualWire.h>
#undef int
#undef abs
#undef double
#undef float
#undef round




Hi, when I use VirtualWire it seems to be throwing off the execution of the loop() function.  If I throw in a delay(300), the function just starts over again at the top.  Is this something I can fix?
Thanks in advance.


Found out that gcc-avr version 4.3.0 breaks this library.  Upgrading to 4.3.2 fixed the problem.  Amazing module!  Have you considered making store and forward?  This could be like the $10 XBee!


Did anyone succesfully run it 0014 or 0013?
It does 'crash' every time it reaches the setup for me (using a 328)...


I apologise to everyone who has been trying to use this module. I was not aware of the difficulties with arduino-0015, atmega 328 etc,

These problems have now been fixed and a new version of the library uploaded to

I will try to monitor this BB, or you can email me directly at mikem@open.com.au



How's the progress on making it a class?


Little progress on the class yet. Main problem is that there is an ISR involved, so I guess it has to be a singleton class.


I'd be inclined to suggest you develop a wrapper class and just automatically instantiate an object (a la Serial / HardwareSerial) and you can probably leave the ISR outside of it--if that works technically.

Similar sort of approach to what the Ethernet library uses (but without the ISR complication).




hi read about virtualwire and found that it would be useful for some ideas i have. i would like to try it, but i wasn't able to find the receivers/transmitters indicated in the documentation.

I live in italy, near napoli. Is there a place (either web or "physical" shop) where i can find cheap rf transmitters, receivers or transceivers for use with virtualwire library?

I found these on ebay, very cheap (~6$ for a couple tx+rx):


do you think they can be ok? there it says that the rx output high value is half of Vcc. So i guess i have to feed it with 10V to make the values match with arduino's input pin voltage levels... is it right?

In the end, can i use rf devices working at different carrier frequency (different than 433mhz)?


Looks like they might work, if you can get the supply voltages right. The transmitter frequency does not matter to virtualwire.



Hey Mike,

let me say, great work. Looks like a very interesting project - I'll have to give this a go!

Let me know if you need a file mirror.


Hey, I've just been looking at how to wire a DR3100 to the arduino, i just have one question about the diagram on the documentation. What is the ground on the rf ground? How is it different to the arduino ground?


does anybody know where i can get the equivlant code for winavr?


Did you ever get the dr3100 to work with Arduino? If yes, would you care about how you connected it and show some of your code?

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