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I got my order today too.  Looks like everything is here.


I was wrong, missing a couple small parts.  F-it.


I was wrong, missing a couple small parts.  F-it.

email their sales group. You'll typically get a reply from "Amp" saying they've shipped them out for you. They almost always do.
Check and make sure your parts are correct to. They routinely get the wrong decade of resistor or wrong style of component (eg N/O switches instead of N/C or CA displays instead of CC). They also routinely replace smaller strip-headers with big ones. If you complain they'll ship the smaller ones.

At the beginning, the packages arrived with USPS stamps, but always 15 to 21 days after the order was placed.  My guess is that they send a bunch of packges in low cost carriers, then somebody in the US separates the boxes and stamps them for US domestic shipment.  As I increased the volume of each purchase, later orders arrived in boxes stamped directly using Thailand Postal Service.

The answer is actually much simpler, years ago, Futurlec used to have a North-American warehouse in the US somewhere, if things were in stock they shipped from there in a matter of days, if things weren't in stock, you got stuck waiting two weeks for them to come from Thailand then shipped.
Today they only operate out of Thailand (hence the Thai postal marks). If you order an awful lot of something though, it seems they have a warehouse/manufacturer in Vietnam.

A tip with Futurlec though, now that they've move to Thailand, the "express" shipping option is actually FedEx International Economy (2 days to most of the world). Assuming they have everything in stock, you usually get things in under 4 days.

I really wish they'd implement an actual inventory system though.


Ok, so here is the update. I tried to reach Futurelec via email again and still no response. So, I called my bank and I asked what I should do. They said that they could stop payment and they would investigate it. So I put in the stop payment. They credited my account. I then spent a lot of time re-figuring what I needed, then finding what I needed on Mouser and BGMicro and ordered most of what I had ordered from Futurelec. I ordered this stuff on Thursday. Needless to say, I payed a heck of a lot more to get it in the US. The part I was a little sad about was the solar panels. I had ordered a bunch of little 2v 90ma. and 3.5 v 45ma. solar panels which I would not have now. Friday comes and I got an email with a real tracking number that I can actually log in to a system and see where my package actually is. Woohoo... Progress!

Perhaps not. I get home Friday night and there is a little note on the front door. It is from the post office. It has a tracking number from Thailand. Awwwww shitsu. 2+Months of waiting and the day after I order from somewhere else, it shows up. So, now, not only do I get to pay more, I get to pay again. I gotta call the bank and tell them that it arrived. Which means they will now pull the cash back out. Murphy is laughing his head off.

I went and picked up the package and I think everything is right, but I need to compare it to my order. I don't know. I am not sure if it is worth the headaches to do this again.


I recently Placed 2 orders with Futurlec, one on March 25th and one on March 26th. I got Emails saying both have been Despached the day after each order was placed. I'll keep you posted how it ends up. I wish I would have seen this thread before I placed the orders but I guess I'm not in any hurry, as long as I get my parts the Wait will be worth it.


The order I placed on the 25th showed up yesterday. So 7 days is all it took. Lets see if my second order shows up today or tomorrow. This was a fast delivery compared to what some of the people in this thread are talking about. Maybe I just got lucky! I'm going to use them again in the future. I'm sure it would have taken longer if some of my parts were out of stock or something.


I've ordered from FutureLec just once - don't recall a big delay. I did have trouble with one of the boards I bought and their customer support offered to replace it, etc.. I would order from them again- but agree - they are a bit hard to get a hold of sometimes.


Order placed 8th april, received it 23rd april.

That's my 5th order, never had a problem.


Ik ordered with Futurlec some 10 times and never had any problems. The packages always arrived within 2 weeks...

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