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I thought it was time to move this to a more appropriate thread, Basically the bootloader code is over my head, so I am looking for someone that might be able to help me out.

I am wanting to change the bootloader to first look for a SD card, and if it finds one, check for an updated hex file on the SD, then load it to the Arduino. If no SD is present or the hex file is not new, then continue on as normal.

I guess there is a question that this is even possible?


I guess there is a question that this is even possible?

The bootloader code section for a AVR chip has a fixed maximum size that it can be depending on which model chip is used. I'm more a hardware guy, but I would be surprised if the bootloader size restriction would be able to handle supporting a SD drive and file loading routine as well as the normal bootloader functions.



After doing a bunch of asking and checking, I tend to agree with you.

So this may not be the most practical route.  :-/

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