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I have an atmega8.I have been trying to make the older arduino board but during my trials I bricked 5 atmega 8 chips.

My question:
1)How to upload  the bootloader (board to work at 8Mhz internal oscillator)
Please tell me a step by ste process.

2)How shall I upload sketched without using the bootloader.

(I have looked at some pages in arduino website but could not get it working).

My frustration only grows with each atmega 8 that I brick.


It sounds like a fuse setting problem, if the fuse is set for external crystal and you have none wired then the chip has no way to excute code.



google todbot blog and look for a post about creating a minimal arduino on a breadboard - he's using atmegas and i think he burns a bootloader.


What kind of programmer are you using?

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