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Then the updating software on the PC has to know what comm port number was assigned to the FTDI device

Wouldn't you be able to write a simple program in C++ to choose the correct com port, and upload. (after installing the drivers) Basically just an "update" software.

The way I see it, people are more likely to have a computer than a USB drive, and I think alot could depend on how often you need to update. If I had to update alot... a flash drive would be easier. (or SD card, something mobile)  But if it it's only once every few months or something.. I think plugging it into a computer would be fine. (And save some money on hardware and time on extra software setup.)

Of course, you could implement both.. flash drive and the computer. Adds another complication to software though. :P

And agreed! I've got a few atmega8's and an SD card I'd be willing to test with, the datalogging isn't as important as the updating of sketches. :D


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rbrockman, let's step back up to the 30,000 ft level, as they say.

A device with an embedded Arduino is shipped with working software.

When it is time to upgrade software, would you be willing to ship a replacement device, pre-programmed with the new software, in exchange for the original, returned to you? You seemed willing to ship an SD card with pre-loaded software in your original scenario.

Since you could reprogram the devices you received back, and ship them to other customers, the cost to you would be a set of "in transit" devices, some of which you might not get back. Compare that risk to the expense of buying SD cards, none of which you expect to get back.

This seems to be the easiest, most foolproof, and least troublesome for the customer, but I suppose it depends on the size and cost of the "device," and whether it is embedded in something else or stand-alone.

Just trying to brainstorm for you...


Great input - I appreciate the responses.

As a last resort, one could replace hardware to update firmware; but this isn't very scalable.  However given the limitations I'm understanding, this could be the only solution.

With my product, the SD adapter and card are part of the product already because it also does data logging.  I was hoping to leverage this hardware to additionally do firmware updates which would be made available as an internet download to be saved onto the SD card.

Keep the suggestions coming though, as I'm enjoying the learning.


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There is now a perfect solution at http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1260909294/0#0.

Thanks to bhagman there.

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