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I wanted to share this with the community because I love Arduino and wanted to give something back.   ;D   I do a LOT of breadboarding and very often need to communicate with my PC.  Using a MAX232 is great but all those caps really take up room and get in the way... don't they??
I began using the MAX233 about a year ago and it is exactly like a MAX232 except........... GET READY!...........  NO EXTERNAL CAPS!!  Go here and check out the data sheet.

It even comes in a DIP package for us breadboarders!  I guess there could be some limitations to having internal caps but I haven't run into any!  

Also, Maxim might send you free samples if you have a valid business address!
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Important distinction, the MAX233 costs about $7.45 for single PDIPs.
The MAX232 costs $0.90 or less and four 1uF caps cost about $0.05 each - and the MAX233 is physically larger (20 pin vs 16 pin).


Thanks for bringing that up.  The 233 is way more expensive.  I think if it were used more it would come down in price.  I do a lot of prototyping so Maxim sends me samples 4 at a time.  


After using them so much, I think I would buy them anyway just because I like them.  The footprint may be larger but without the caps it takes up much less room on the board.

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