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I stacked the Ethernet shield and the LCD Keypad shield from nuelectronics together on an arduino 2009. The schematic design of the shields should exclude overlapping of ports:
  • Ethernet shield: Digital 10..13
  • LCD Keypad shield: Digital 4..9 and Analog 1 (Pin 14)

I tried to use the shields seperately with the demos for LCD and Ethernet (webduino) and they worked well stacked together.

If I use the web server example from weduino from Ben Combee and added some LCD outputs, the webserver hangs and the LCD shows only the first character flickering.  :'(

Does anybody tried to run both shields with code at the same time?

Thanks for help in advance,


Does the LCD on the LCD shield use a software serial library or some other library that may interfere with the ethernet shield.

I had an issue with my servo library interfering with the software serial library (newsoftserial).

I'm afraid I have not used the ethernet shield or LCD keypad shield though...



I've used both Ethernet code that that shield together, but I didn't use the shield with the web server.  Check out http://combee.net/arduinoTwitter for my project that uses both.


I recognize this... What happens if you add Serial.begin to your code? For me this solved the problem... (I have not had time to investigate further, though I admit it is a strange solution for this problem).



I added serial.begin to the code and everything works fine - Thank you!

Now I can sent the entries of text fileds to my arduino, parse then and show them on a LCD.



Does anyone else no of any other soultions, I am having the same problem.
I have a Mega, and a LCD screen with buttons (using LCD4bit_mod) and a standard ethernet, using the mega hack the ethernet works as does the LCD, but plug the LCD screen in and it does not, the odd thing is that I am sure that it was working before with the LCD screen plugged in, I tried the serial.begin(9600) and it did not seem to have any affec at all.  the shields light comes on to indcate that it is reving data but nothing happens :'(.  The LCD has always worked without any problems, I belive that they are all on diffrent pins.


Just to let everyone know, my probnlem was pin 10, after doing some more reading I discoved that pin 10 is used by the LCD for brigtness cotnrol, hoever to get the ethernet shiled working on the mega had diconeected pin 10 from the board and diverted it to pin 50 something, therfore bypassing the ethernet shiled and connecting the LCDs pin 10 to the pin 10 on the mega worked, and ebveryhting seems to be working fine now

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