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the first Pot

pots installed

the test

out side test

just thought i would repost this video to show how i have the pots set on my project bots and to show where the other cam is. (i still need to buy the cam for this shell 26 bucks shipped on ebay)

I really want to thank all of your for all your help. Sorry about my men in the videos i know some times i dont make cents when i talk but its my first How to videos. should get better as time gos on lol ;D


How did you get the little control remote thing you have in the outside test video to work? Very nifty little thing.


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pic of the setup



this is a 2 channel but i only used a 2 channel. it runs of 12 volts and i had 12 volts running in the box beacuse thats what the video cams run on as well.

Take a look at this thing i just started playing with today


on my other arduino i was playing around with this and what i got so far is when i press the button on the remote once it turns an led on and when i hit it again it gos off.   not the chip giving power on its own will work this same way (once for on once for off) but i just wanted to see if the arduino would read it. because i one day would like to run my cams with NO POTS AT ALL and just one one wireless remote. i want to press a button and have it pan slowly one want and so on.

anyways i did not show this in the video but the remote to the cam worked all the way across the street. not to bad at all.  if theres anything you have seen that you would like a video made or just more info please let me know.


im doing some new work with servos on this forum if anyone would like to give me a hand please take a look at this link for more info

moving a servo left & right with 2 buttons

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