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I have broken up my code into four Tabs. Each section of code works interdependently, but I can't seem to reference sections of codes with in other Tabs (i.e GOSUB routines in simple speak).

void Setup and void Loop can only be used once, so I have used alternatives like void LCDsetup1() and void LCDloop2() in other Tabs. Is this the correct way to call up a particular function with in the main function?  
Any sample code that uses Tabs that I could review? :-[

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You will need to declare the shared functions.  Typically, this is done with header files but they are not required.

Let's say you have a function in one of your tabs...

void LCDsetup( void )
 // Prepare the LCD display

That you want to call from setup in your Sketch.  Your Sketch might look something like this...

Code: [Select]
void LCDsetup( void );

void setup( void )
 // Call LCDsetup in the other tab

void loop( void )

Does that help?


Thanks for the reply.

Do I need to include th relevant "include" statements a "int" declarations in the appropriate TAB, or can they be included in one main TAB?

i.e. if I have two TABS - (TAB A and TAB B), can I declare all of the int declarations in TAB A, even though though TAB B has the appropriate code  :-[instructions?

That may not make sense....but


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