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Great work guys, got my DS1307 up and running in no time. Thanks for all the effort!


I'm trying to compile the RTC example from the reference library and I am getting a complie error like "C:\DOCUME~1\Peter\LOCALS~1\Temp\build1739880429809810608.tmp/TimeRTC.cpp:18: undefined reference to `setSyncProvider(unsigned long (*)())' "

I think this is because I have the DS1307.cpp and DS1307.h files in the wrong folders, antone here can point me in the right direction.
There is advice that says they should be in the arduino\hardware\libraries\DS1307 folder which I must create?
Why do they not go into the main libraries folder with the rest of the provided libraries?
Apologies if this stuff has been covered elsewhere. :-X

Peter B.


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Where the libraries go depends on the operating system and the version of the Arduino IDE you are using.

But, in order to display the message you are seeing, the .h file had to have been read, so it must have been in the right place.

What does your sketch look like?
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Peter_B, the RTC library posted in this thread does not have a setSyncProvider function.

Are you trying to run the example sketch that comes with the Time library in the playground?

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