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              fft_input(capture, bfly_buff);
           fft_output(bfly_buff, spectrum);

I tried to compiled the code in winstudio 4 but I have a compile error for these 3 lines.  They are defined in "ffft.h" but not in the main.c itself.

Please explain.
Thank you


spectrum[0] is the DC component of the input (ie. zero frequency).

Whoops! Of course - brain-fart. Apologies. :-[
Per Arduino ad Astra



i should say first that i'm new to all of this.

what driver did you use for the LCD functions in the fft code you pasted?  I tried importing the LCD functions from arduino into avr studio and had a horrible time...

also, the data output to the uart, how do you monitor it with a computer?  i used processing to 'listen' over the USB COM port and got only "-1" sent repeatedly.

thank you!

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