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Hi, intel released an experimental central here

Experimental means that APIs will change in the next future since they are not very Arduino style.

Anyway if you want to give them a try remember to flash the new BLE firmware using the BLE flashpack in the release


Hi a_guadalupi,

The corelibs-arduino101 works well but I'm not able to update the firmware. I tried using the burn boatloader menu but that fails. Any suggestions?


Any updates on this.? I am not able to compile the code for arduino 101
Just an update to close this topic as solved.

I wrote a basic example code to show how 2x Arduino 101 can communicate with each other. One device acts as a peripheral with a button, and the other as a central with a LED. The button then controls the LED.


Hope you find it useful.


Hi BBato: Is there a limitation for the version of the Arduino 101 board? I have tried to load the example code.
Load is fine no issue but for the board load BLE_Button.ino  there is no reaction at all.

 BLEDevice peripheral = BLE.available();
  if ( peripheral ) 
never return a true. Looks like the board can not find the LED board via BLE.


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