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I was wondering if someone had written code so that an Arduino behaves like a 1-wire client.  I know there are many other ways to let Arduino's communicate but I just like the 1-wire. Some apps I've been thinking about:

- Emulation
Emulate an exiting 1-wire sensor, e.g. emulate a DS18B20 temp sensor with a simpler one. In fact one client Arduino could emulate multiple sensors in parallel.

- Add intelligence to a sensor
Client Arduino monitors one or more temp sensors with high precision and max frequency It calculates the average, minima and maxima, steepest rise and drop etc per sensor. If the master Arduino needs info about a sensor all this information is available.

- Add IRQ channels (or other IO lines)
Some application needs four IRQ channels while an Arduino only has two. A master Arduino could delegate the IRQ handling to slave Arduino's.


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