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@Macro, yep, that's another way of doing it, get into a root shell and you can do whatever you want. A bit dangerous though as you can do whatever you want...

I've fixed the typo in step 4.



Andrews work around got me to step3 of installing the packages.
after 190 packages and 50mins waiting, a message at the end mentioned that I should do a get update. I did but nothing seemed to happen.
I continued and successfully completed steps 4, 5 and 6.
I can open the IDE fine and the connected Arduino randomly blinks as Im led to believe it should.
I wrote the Blinking LED Sketch from the "getting started with Arduino" book... But I still cant get started. :'( :'(

The same message that I had at the start comes up when I try to verify the sketch...:
java.io.IOException: avr-gcc: not found

What should I do now?

Macro did you have this problem? You said:

"/etc/apt/sources.list:is owned by root.  
I typed the following line to get root access:
sudo bash"

If I get root access will I be able to get rid of the "avr-gcc: not found" message?

I have no idea what root is mind you.
All I want to do is start playing around with Arduino on my Asus eeepc 701.


Did the "sudo apt-get install build-essential avr-libc gcc-avr" command appear to work correctly or did it throw any errors? If it took 50 mins I assume it was downloading lots of stuff.



After spending the last 2days trying, F9ing, trying, F9ing and trying again I have my eeepc communicating with my Arduino.

After doing the sudo apt-get update in step 2 an error comes up on the first package, "stable release.gpg"
When the 2nd package has finished, it has fetched 74.9kb in 5seconds and the "reading Package lists is done" an error message comes up in terminal:

W: GPG error: http:www.uk.debian.org stable release: The following signatures couldnt be verified because the public key is not available: NO PUBKEY 9AA38DCD55BE302B NO_PUBKEY 4D270D06F42584E6
W: you may want to run get-update to correct this problem.

I run get update and the same W:GPG error messaage comes up.

I continue on to step 3 anyway and after 50mins watching and downloading 190packets it all seems to go without any errors except that at the end, when confirming yes to an action and clicking through multiple blue screen warnings it uninstalls my OpenOffice suite and god knows what else.

So as it stands I cant open MSword .docs but my Arduino now runs fine.

Thankyou sooo much for your assistance Andrew and Macro, I would have been completely lost without it.
Now I have to search elsewhere on how to get OpenOffice overriding the troubles and installed perminantly.


This is my very first, so here we go!
I have the Asus eeepc 701SD but cannot install the software.
sudo apt-get install build-essentials ........... asks for Yes, do as I say
and then aborts.
Please help


I have made progress by using sudo bash apt-get install build-etc
Now all I have do is work out how to adjust the screen size.
This entire Xandros thing seems to be a bit fragile to me!

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