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Hello, I´m realy new in Arduino. Please help. :-/ :-/

I have the following problem: I want to install a radio controlled cordon (chain) in our yard because the stones have been totally sunk and everyone turns on our driveway. Is it totally sh ... to push the snow away, etc, because the blade gets stuck always on all stone edges. We also now have to make the driveway new after only three years.

I have an input: button to Pin8 (Schalter8) - comes from a radio-remoute-controlle where only one output is free. (I want to use this, because it controlles also other certain things in out home.
and I still have three outputs: relay 1 (pin 2 = Ab-relay), relay 2 (pin 3 = Auf-relay), Relais3 (pin 4 = Lamp-relay)

I need something like this:
1x Press: relay 1 turns on a sec,
Press 2nd time: relay 1 switches again for 1 sec
Press again: relay 2 switches on for a sec
Press again: relay 2 switches again for a sec

after 1 min everything should be erased and then re-started with relay 1

durnig the whole time, after the first press on the switch, the light- relay should switch for 3 minutes. As a safety lamp in order to point out that the chain moves up and down.

In addition, I would have then these following requests:
If the chain is down, and the relay 1 has been pressed only once bevore the chain went down, the relais 2 should start up after about 10 minutes tu pull up the chain again (that switch relay 2 for 1 sec).
When I press the button for 10 seconds, then the chain will go down (relay 1 for 1 sec) and stay there till I start up again an press the button again (relay 2 for 1 sec) and the chain will go in the high level position and will work like normal.

Hope you all understand and hope you can help me there somehow.
Have been such for 1 week from Morgner evening, since I home sick (fresh Operriert) lying around.

Greetings Christoph

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