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okay I have a problem and i need help, I created a 5x8 matrix, i wired the cathodes horizontally


and i wired the anodes vertically,
!  !  !  
!  !  !
!  !  !  
v  v v

and no they are not touching. the anodes are raised above the cathodes.

My problem begins when I try to light up the leds, i should light it up as
R_1 (row 1) (digitalWrite, r_1, HIGH);
c_1 (column 1) set as digitalWrite(c_1, LOW); ?

i tried this but it wont work? yet if i just hook up c_1 directly to ground the led lights up but its very dim, i have tried reversing them but that way it doesnt light up.

if i wire up 5v to row 1 and ground to column 1 then yes the led lights up, they all light up individually i tested them but i cant get it to work using digitalWrite LOW, or am I doing it wrong? below is my code. any help would be appreciated. Oh theres 8 anodes and 5 cathodes. so a total of 13 pins.

Code: [Select]

int r_1 = 52;
int r_2 = 50;
int r_3 = 48;
int r_4 = 46;
int r_5 = 44;

int c_1 = 22;
int c_2 = 24;
int c_3 = 26;
int c_4 = 28;
int c_5 = 30;
int c_6 = 32;
int c_7 = 34;
int c_8 = 36;

void setup(){
 (c_1, OUTPUT);
 (c_2, OUTPUT);
 (c_3, OUTPUT);
 (c_4, OUTPUT);
 (c_5, OUTPUT);
 (c_6, OUTPUT);
 (c_7, OUTPUT);
 (c_8, OUTPUT);
 (r_1, OUTPUT);
 (r_2, OUTPUT);
 (r_3, OUTPUT);
 (r_4, OUTPUT);
 (r_5, OUTPUT);


void loop(){
 digitalWrite(r_1, LOW);


Did you mean to leave off the pinMode name?

Code: [Select]
void setup(){
 pinMode(c_1, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(c_2, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(c_3, OUTPUT);


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ahh no I didnt =[
i already fixed it but still nothing, what i also did now was instead of connecting it the cathode to pin 52 i went directly to ground and the led lit up, brighter than before so thats a good sign right?


Yes, that's a good sign. Are you using series resistors? I wouldn't hook up an LED directly to port pins for both current source/sink without a current-limiting resistor.

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yea, well i have a resistor connected between the matrix's anodes and the arduino pins, should i do it for all the pins? or just anodes?


If you think a little bit about what those resistors are meant for you should be able to answer this question by yourself.


I have tried =\, for some reason now a whole column lights up with the new code and the resistors attached to the 8 anodes and not the other 5 cathodes. Is my wiring correct? resistors arent they used to limit current?

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