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i tired to make a html-documentation of my source-code with doxygen - but all i get was an empty sheed.

is there something i have to take care of when i create a documentation?

at the moment the source & comments looks like this example:
Code: [Select]

* int
* choose the input pin (for a pushbutton)

int inPin_1 = 3;  /**< int value inPin_1, connected to pin3. */  
int inPin_2 = 4;  /**< int value inPin_2, connected to pin4. */  
int inPin_3 = 5;  /**< int value inPin_3, connected to pin5. */  

any ideas where i made a mistake?



Did you create a config file ?

Code: [Select]
doxygen -g config_file_name

Then you'll have to edit it to suite your needs. There's also a quite detailed PDF manual that comes with it (at least on suse).


Feb 13, 2009, 04:21 pm Last Edit: Feb 14, 2009, 10:29 am by Selestra Reason: 1
the doxygen-wizard created the config-file automatically. - i also added *.pde files to the file_pattern.

creating a documentation of the doxygen-examples works really fine. so the error has do be somewhere inside my code- but i have no idea where i have to look. doxygen is able to read *.pde-files - isn't it?

is there something i have to watch out when i create comments? - i use the  
methode - but i also enabled the using of java-doc style.


EDIT: no idea what was wrong yesterday. i wrote the commants new today - and now it works.  ::)


If anybody else has this problem, for me it only started to work after I set:


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