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Oct 30, 2010, 08:18 am Last Edit: Oct 30, 2010, 08:20 am by carlyn Reason: 1
Hey Folks,

I created a button library awhile back and I just never got around to posting it.

I just did some updates but before I put it on the playground I'd love to get some other folks to poke around at it.

It comes with 12 examples and a readme file.


As a preview here is the list of public functions...
Code: [Select]

 // constructors:
   Button(int myPin, bool myMode);
   Button(int myBit, bool myMode, unsigned char *myRegister);
   char* version(void);                  // get the library version
   unsigned char getRegisterValue(void);
   void listen(void);
   bool isReleased(void);
   bool isPressed(void);
   bool isReleased(bool refreshPinData);
   bool isPressed(bool refreshPinData);
   bool onChange(void);  
   bool onPress(void);
   bool onRelease(void);
   bool onChange(bool refreshPinData);  
   bool onPress(bool refreshPinData);
   bool onRelease(bool refreshPinData);
   unsigned int getDebounceDelay(void);
   void setDebounceDelay(unsigned int);
   void clearDebounceDelay(void);
   bool onDoubleClick(void);
   bool onDoubleClick(bool refreshPinData);
   unsigned int getDoubleClickDelay(void);
   void setDoubleClickDelay(unsigned int);
   bool onPressAsToggle(void);
   bool onReleaseAsToggle(void);
   bool onPressAsToggle(bool refreshPinData);
   bool onReleaseAsToggle(bool refreshPinData);
   bool isHold(void);
   bool isHold(bool refreshPinData);
   unsigned int getHoldDelay(void);
   void setHoldDelay(unsigned int);
   unsigned int getPressCount(void);
   void clearPressCount(void);    
   unsigned int getReleaseCount(void);
   void clearReleaseCount(void);
   bool isNthPress(unsigned int moduloByMe);
   bool isNthRelease(unsigned int moduloByMe);



I could try to help you but the link doesn't seam to work.

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