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For those of us who like Xcode I have made an Xcode project that builds directly onto Arduino hardware.  See the makefile in the project for more information.



Thanks for posting this - been wishing for code folding in the Arduino IDE for a while now.  It took me a bit to get up and running, but it now I have it working for single file projects.

I'm stumped when attempting to build multi-file sketches - unable to reference any header files successfully. Any pointers are much appreciated

-- btw those using the ATMega328p should change the Makefile's UPLOAD_RATE to 57600

Thanks again!


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Hey thanks a lot for the template.

I got it working, but like the above user I am unable to include any external header files.

Any suggestions?



I just found this thread again while looking for something else...

Narbotic and sksk - I never use external headers w/ arduino stuff so I don't know how to do this, however, you may be able to just add them to the modules section of the makefile...



Thanks a lot for replying.

Unfortunately including it inside the modules section did not work for me. I tried to import TimerOne.cpp and it is looking for "TimerOne.o" extension.

Thanks a lot for your help. If anyone has this working can you please chime in.

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