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hey guys..
i need some help with this library..
i cant compile it..
no example..
i fix the spi.h problem.. but after that i get a thousand errors...
i use arduino 0019

any help would be appreciated


I'm sorry to say that but you probably need to use Arduino 18 (as I do) for the library while waiting for an update.


i downloloaded the 17 version and it compiled..
i have the touch osc app on my iphone and cannot find out if something works or not...
i'm really noob on the osc part
any ideas?


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Begin with the examples, modify and put together some to do what you need and you will progressively understand it and be able to do everything by yourself. But take your time. ;)


Does anyone know of a working OSC library for the latest arduino release (0021)? If not maybe I'll have to figure out how to write one and see what happens.

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