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@bensaddiction: Very weird.  I don't have a Mac to test on, but can anyone else reproduce this?  Try reinstalling Arduino and then the library.


Hi, would anyone know what the maximum amount of tlc5940's that you can daisy chain is?
I'd like to go upto 68 or 12, but read elsewhere that +10 is problematic?


I've just finished a project with 12 daisy-chained TLC's. I'll put the project online next week. In my case I had each TLC on a separate board. The 12 boards were connected with 11x 20 cm ribbon cable. This gave me some problems with the signal after the 10th board. Because the boards go in a circle, instead of letting the signal travel from the source to the 12th (and back) I was able to split it so I had 0 - 5 and 6 - 11 for all the signals except for SOUT - SIN. That worked ok for me. But I don't think you'll have this problem when you put them all on one board.


Where did you get the TLC's? Digikey is backordered until Sept. 14 and I can't find any elsewhere.

Can't wait until you put it online.


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I got them (5940pwp (smd)) from rsonline.nl.
You can only order there as a company (b2b).

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