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i'm working on Modbusmq, a modification of the libmodbus library (https://launchpad.net/libmodbus by Stephane Raimbault) for the Arduino platform. for now, it's a Modbus TCP slave.

any tester and debugger is appreciated to help me makin' a stable program.

that's the code: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~marioquark-yahoo/modbusmq/modbusmq/files

thank you,


i am locked:
timing in TCP management doesn't work as it sould: replies are sent with a delay i don't want. this make timeout occur.

probably this happens due to a too big transmission buffer: i can't resize it! :( nor i can set the TCP_NODELAY option (library doesn't offer this).

any suggestion?

please help me, i think my project could be very useful!


my libraty is finished and it seems to work perfectly...  ;D


nice work
can you please explain a bit a about how to use it?


ok. i'll write down a few lines, then i'll make a wiki for it:

modbusmq is a ModBus ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modbus ) TCP slave (server): briefly, it holds a data map, which can be queried by Modbus clients (PC or other) with a standard protocol.

- Arduino Ethernet Shield

Arduino side
- paste the code in a new project in the Arduino IDE
- change the network params, if needed: IP, Gateway.
- change the slave Address, if needed
- set or unset the DEBUG flag to have debug messages through serial line
PC side:
- start a modbus client to query Arduino IP, with the correct slave modbus address (there are many freeware, eg: ModScan)

- test two slaves in the same network.
- test two masters (clients) for the same slave

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