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Jason Goldenberg

How do you turn on the debug flag?

Also, how do I setup registers to read and write, can someone post a simple example?

Chuck Adomanis

Does this only work with the "official" ethernet shield.  Seems there are some variants out there now and I would like to buy something to test this with as I have lots of industrial Modbus gear at the office.


Jason Goldenberg

Can someone show me how to setup say 8 modbus words to be read from a "client" and make those control 8 rc servos?

or just any basic modbus tcp program.  I see the library, but i want to get a look at a real example.




I just have updated from Arduino 0018 to 0021, but the modbusmq is not working anymore. Seems to be a problem with the new ethernet library. Any ideas? Is there needed an update of the modbusmq?



I am having the same issue.
Works with 018, but can't even ping the IP when using 021.

Sure would be nice to find a fix for this.

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