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I am looking for someone who is willing and able to program and put together a PCB that will record 1080P HD on a SDHC or SDXC card.

This will be used in a high speed anti shock helmet / action camera like the Hero GoPro but I need the board/software customized for a specific application.

Pay will be good so PM me if interested or if anyone can guide me in the right direction that would be great.

Anyone know of a programmable or pre-programmed PIC that would be perfect for this?


Is there a better forum I can post this on?


What would the Arduino be doing? It doesn't have the speed or the memory to move data from a camera to an SD card.
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The ardunio can control the software for the camera options maybe? Is there a better board I can post this one?


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the chip you would be using to even deal with a "1080" p camera (nevermind the optics involved) would easily handle anything the arduino would bring to the table

honestly if you do not have a realistic grasp of something a full desktop PC could struggle with a few years ago, you dont need to be asking how to implement it on something that can bareley do atari 2600 resolutions in monochome while sucking down 99% of its brain

IE: if 1080p was so easy, why did it take from the 1930's till just recently to implement (and even now almost everything maxes out at 720, if your lucky upscaled 480 is realistic for commercial services and devices in 2011)

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