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Here in the Netherlands several stores sell RF remote switches, so you can switch lights etc. using a RF remote control. These remotes operate at 433MHz.

A while ago, I made a simple library to be used in conjunction with the common 433MHz RF modules to simulate these remotes, and to use an Arduino board to switch my lights. The library can simulate various remotes sold here in the Netherlands. These remote all use the same principles, and vary only in timing and specific codes. The base class can easily be extended to accomodate other (similar) remotes.

I really have no idea if these kind of products sold elsewere use the same principles. Perhaps they operate at different frequencies (868MHz?), which might work well.

Download: http://randysimons.com/overige/browsable/433MHz/ArduinoRemoteSwitchLibrary.7z

Basic setup:

Some images of compatbile devices:

I also have a sketch to receive and decode these signals on the arduino, but this requires some extra hardware. (scheme, photo). However, some comments in this code is in Dutch...


Anyone know if this protocol would be compatible with wireless X10 modules?
A quick look indicates X10 also uses 433MHz.
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Its not at all clear to me what the protocol is, I wonder if fuzzilogic can say more about it.


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Its not at all clear to me what the protocol is, I wonder if fuzzilogic can say more about it.

I don't know about wireless X10 (is it standardized?), but these remotes use chips like the LP801B,  HX2262, PT2262 and M3E. The datasheet of the PT2262 explains the underlaying protocol.


I am trying this library on the elro wireless home control system (sold at action and various diy stores)

The remotes of this system have a HX2262 chip inside, so I figured it should work. The elro remotes have 8 buttons labeled on and of for devices A-D. Remotes and switches have a 5 bit system address, switches have an additional 4 switches to select A,B,C or D

There are also dimmers available for this system. pressing either of the on or off buttons toggles the light. Long pressing the on button cycles the brightness.

The actionswitch class works reasonably for this system. For dimmers, sending on and off signals work as they should. I think the dimming cycle should also be accessible if i'd play with the repeat length.

The switches however only work halfway. Switching the light ON works when sending an OFF signal, switching the light of does not work.

Any ideas?

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