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I plan on posting results on my website www.doors-software.com. My current plan is to use the ready-welder (spool gun for mig welding). When it is ready, you should be able to stick weld with it, but I don't know a whole lot about welding.


does anyone know of someone successfully running an arduino based alternator regulator? I would very much like to talk to them...especially if it was setup to data log.

By using the brakelight switch it would be simple to work in a brake regen scheme as well. The alternator wouldn't be under load during acceleration, at least for a minute or two, enough time to either get up the speed or stop at the next light.

It does seem to be some simple logic based on voltage points and switch input. A temperature probe on the alternator case would provide protection for the alternator regardless of it's size...just cut the alternator load 50% if the temperature is above 225F.

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