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Ah, that's fantastic! Great job. It kind of sucks that you had to add the delays though, because that means it will probably be too slow to work with a regular controller. I wonder if there are enough spare cycles to make it work reliably with both?

Just FYI, I got the same two characters before the device ID on a regular Sega controller as well. So either the layout on Marcus' site is slightly off or (more likely) my implementation of it is...

The B and C buttons do come first (actually I think B is in fact first due to endian swapping), but I do know I've managed to read all the buttons from a regular controller.


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I gave up on working out the B button... will get back to that at a later date...

For now, the throttle is controlling my model railway :) It's actually good fun... I've added in a very simple acceleration/momentum code and trying to get it to stop at the station isn't easy. Now to code the brake lever...

Blog post is here...

Anyone good with locomotive physics? :)

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