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it's this way i want to use it (no sleep mode),

so can't make directly a bridge between VCC (3,3v) and SL pin....  :'(

i will have to find a small SMD resistor on an old board and try to sold it...
My project need to be light and small!  :D



Currently working on the AREF version. The 1.5G mode will come later. I expect it to be fully mature half of januari.


so can't make directly a bridge between VCC (3,3v) and SL pin....

I'm not saying that you "can't" directly connect SL to VCC, but I can't suggest it either. It is very possible that the chip would be OK with that, but since I haven't tried it, I can't suggest it. I do know that if you directly connect it, you will never be able to put it in sleep mode.
Again, if you can spare a pin, you could avoid the resistor and have the option of using sleep mode.
@studioj - look forward to your next version.
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I connected the sparkfun GSEL pin directly to the 3.3V which gave no problem. When your application is only for testing I dont think you need your resistor. But when your finishing your prototype I bet it's better to be on the safe side and use the resistor.
So i don't recommend doing it (it's comparable to short circuiting a fuse in your household, as long as everthing is fine it works but when something screws up, it screws up bad)

@BroHogan: at the moment I'm adding a simple callibrate function and a setpolarity function, also reworking the offsets so they have effect on the raw data instead of the G's



i will manage to find a resistor to be sure.... will be a nice soldering exercise, as i need a CMD one to keep it small and light



@BroHogan -- thanks, this really helped me get a jumpstart! :)

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