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err, hey submit an issue to the google code site please, i need more details about what and how you made your changes, and what doesn't work

i've moved on to a ARM project and Eclipse is damn good, too bad I don't know how to write plug-ins yet, if i can i would probably redo most AVR Project IDE features as Eclipse plug-ins
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I have logged an issue detailing what changes i have done. So far I have got it working with Attiny2313 core and attiny84 core. I had a look at multiple processor cores, one for the attiny45/85 and one for many different chips, but i couldnt get these to work. Maybe something to do with how each chip is defined?

Also i noticed that if i compile a simple sketch (no libraries) it will compile and run fine, even serial library worked on 2313, but if i added any other library such as liquid crystal it would bin out saying it couldn't find wire.h despite it being in the library folder. any idea? haven't really investigated yet.

Also, is there a way to set the path of the core you want to use with the templates.xml file? It'll cut down one step of setting up the project.


Hi, Frank.

AVRProjectIDE is exactly what I was looking for. Thank God you created this tool. I tried version 1.104 and it works fine, my code compiled, upload and run just like it did in Arduino IDE.

I have the same problem that Graynomad already mentioned, I can't customize the font size, whatever I do with scintconfig.xml, even if I delete, it appears again with the default settings.


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