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The shield uses Digital 2-6, so all the analog pins are free for you to use :)



That's great! Less pins than any of the others I've seen; I'm getting one!


RGB_GLCD v1.5 is released.

  • Added support for the Arduino Mega 2560
  • Added function to rotate bitmaps


Jim F.

I just got mine working. (The fine soldering work was almost too much for me.)  Yay!

I'd like to download your library, but don't have an RAR extractor.  Can you publish a ZIP as well?

Also, do you have plans to implement a Netduino library for this shield too?




Rar usually get better compression, but if you PM me with your email-address or send me a message through my contact-form, I will email a zip-file to you.

I havent got a Netduino, so dont hold your breath. Maybe you would like to donate one... :)


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