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Skipper, good to hear you have it working.

Catcher, adjustment works by offsetting the time by the given number of seconds. For example, adjustTime(-3600) ;  sets the clock back 1 hour.


mem ,
The Sw i tried using didnt work for me :-( ( I sent you PM with the problem)
But I manged to get the uFAT runing and reading from my SD!!!
But write doesn't work .. tried two SDs - they are not write protected .. but I cant write to them (only read the stuff I wrote in the file on windows) :-(
any help ? :-[(no errors...)


moriszen,  It sounds like the problem relates to the interface to the SD card rather than something to do with the Time Library. I would like to keep this thread focused on issues relating to the Time library.

Perhaps you can start another  thread for a discussion on getting your SD card going.


Hey mem,

Just wanted to thank you for writing this library.  I was just sitting down to solve this problem and your library pretty much nailed everything I needed.

It works great.  



Is there an example somewhere of this library running an alarmed event?

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