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I've already ordered Arduino One Starter kit, found a touch pad on ebay compatible and, downloaded arduino software. At this moment i have an old laptop touch pad that should be functional (4 wired). I also taken contact with who has kit ready to sell...but i would like to make it myself, like you. if is it possible...i would like to know:
- is the first image of electric contact correct? only to start in the right way...
- the code posted from chris, on first page, is it correct to start with this project?
I understand that you don't want to give a complete how to, and i don't pretended a dish undere my mouth. But i think you're the only one people who know steps.......


Start it with reading the touch pad position. Do just this, and send it using Serial.print and read using serial monitor in Arduino IDE. You can easilly find code for reading touch pad position. Then, if you get the position reading part right, you can start adding new elements, like hold button or LED. Don't even try to connect everything at once because you get lost. Do everything step by step, starting from the basics.


it really doesn't matter where you connect the touch pad wires, as you define in the code the numbers you connected it to. I personally used the connecting the 4 wire touch pad to 6 pins, the link is somewhere along this topic, give it a go and let us know if your stuck.


Ok guys....i'm waiting for delivery of my orders:
- Arduino starter kit with arduino UNO
- blinkm led
After that i'll try to follow your instruction. Please be patient with me, because i am very very new and a little bit scared of a fail!!!! :(

what do you think about this code??


it seems similar to gareth's code


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