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super devoika

am trying to make Max communicate with Arduino board but no luck! I've used the hi object and it doesn't recognize the board! what can I do?


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what system are you on, and have you installed the appropiate drivers? and do you have a serial object in you max patch? dont think i've ever used the hi object so i cant assist you there, sorry.



from what I understand the hi ojbect is designed to access hid devices (keyboards, mice, gamepads and the like). the arduino board implements a seria port therefore you need to find which object max uses to talk to the serial port.

googling provides this http://webzone.k3.mah.se/projects/arduino-workshop/board04/board04.asp?boardID=3


Do not use hid to communicate with the Arduino, but serial
Try this:


Thomas Ouellet Fredericks

super devoika

ok thanks I'll try that...

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