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I've made a simple extension to mr benefit's arduino-vvvv work to allow the communication to handle multiple signals (in the case of my example arduino prog and vvvv patch, I treat all 6 arduino analog ins in vvvv).   Here's a write-up including links to the code.

I'd be interested in collaborating to make a more fully-featured vvvv node for the arduino.  Let's hear requests.  If you've already done it, let's hear that, too, please!

I'll have a look at the pure-data object and use that as a guide.  no MAX here :(

vvvv was very popular in impromptu demos at the fantastic arduino workshop I attended at the weekend.



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Yeh, saw your patch and code nice work :)

But my trouble isn't reading the arduino with vvvv, but let the Arduino do the stuff I want!!
(sending a textstring from vvvv to Arduino, and than Arduno must split the string and fill the variables).


ahh.. okay.. after reading the forums for an hour I a hope I can use SmimpleMessageSystem :)
(for others: I mean this:http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Code/SimpleMessageSystem)

Hope I can control Arduino with vvvv now :)



If you want to make a more fully-featured node, I would suggest that you implement a vvvv complement to the firmata firmware that Hans Steiner has been developing (http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Interfacing/Sensorbox).  There are already libraries for PD, Processing, Flash, and, I believe, Max/MSP.  We're hoping to use firmata as the default Arduino firmware and the more languages/environments that work with it the better.


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The SimpleMessageSystem looks rather easy compared with firmata  :-[
(but it is limited, I know)

But WOW!! Did I miss that there is already work done for vvvv :) How cool is that!!
I need to pay better attention!!

So I just have to bite the bullet and go for Firmata thnx for pointing it out Melis!! :)

edit: Awesome work from mr. Benefit!! WOoooooopy!!

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