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how can I give out a bang from PD to my arduino?
I want that every time the led receives a bang the led lights on for a moment.
and yes...I am using windows xp.


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try the first link from the google-machine-thingy results




thanks, I already found these links but none of the 2 possibilities works for me.
not the SimpleMessageSystem and not Hans-Christoph Steiner's Pduino.
If I upload the SimpleMessageSystem firmware to the arduion and later open the PD patch and activate: Write (digital) pin 13 - it completely crashes PD.
With Hanses Firmware and the arduino PD patch I get a bunch of error messages after opening the PD patch.
I work in Windows XP so the problem might be there.


One of those will work ( either SMS or PDuino)... you may just need to do some adjusting.


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Do you have pd-extended installed?  IIRC PDuino needs a couple of bits from there for it to work, it could give the error messages you were talking about.  The installer is here.

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