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Someone can help me with my problem. I'm trying to get data from a web page using an Arduino UNO and Ethernet shield, but when I try to get the response in the Serial Monitor, it shows:

<noscript>This site requires Javascript to work, please enable Javascript in your browser or use a browser with Javascript support</noscript>

But in the web page only print 'HELLO WORLD' using PHP code.

How I can solve the problem?


Is the web page public?  If so what is the address?

If not perhaps you can access the page from your browser and "view source" then post the code (use the code tags </>)

Its likely that your web page is using some javascript libraries for special effects that are not visible to the user.


How I can solve the problem?
Post a link to the page and your code using the below guidance.

Google forum search: Use Google Search box in upper right side of this page.
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I have same problem..
Please help..


Is your site hosted by your own server? Or is it a web hosting company?
Load the web page with a web browser like IE or Firefox. Right click and select "View source". Post it.
Post the php code for the page.
Post the Arduino code you use that gives you that message.


No.. It is hosted by a free host.. 'byethost7.com'..

The page only has "_t11159##_d1129##_d284##" these charactors..
But when i called it from arduino serial monitor using client.println(GET *********************.com HTTP/1.0)
It wont come.. :(


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If it is "free", then I presume the web hosting company makes their money from advertising. That is why the JavaScript requirement. I presume that is how they put ads on your web page.

When you visit your web page with a web browser, are there advertisements on the page? Normally there are with "free" hosting.

If no ads, then they require JavaScript for web statistics like traffic counts.

edit: I don't understand this:
"The page only has "_t11159##_d1129##_d284##" these charactors.."
HTML docs are in text.


Post server code and arduino code...


Does anyone find out the solution?


Hi guys
Does anyone find out the solution?


As was explained earlier, your free webhost is probably inserting ads in the page to pay for the service. This is why it requires javascript.

If you really want you can load the page in a javascript-capable browser, open up the developer tools network tab and try to find where it fetches the real content from. 

You may get more help if you post the actual web address.

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