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Hi. First time posting with a question.

I am currently developing a flash interface for the 8x8 led matrix powered by a matrix chip MAX79xx, so a user could click on grids in flash which in turn will turn on the corresponding leds.

I'm having problems on actionscript side;
I got flash talking to the arduino but I have yet to get flash talking to the matrix chip.

With just the arduino this is done by the LedControl class.
I've been looking through codes(LedControil.h, .cpp, + a lot more), and found that shiftOut is the method that sends bytes to the chip; flash doesn't have this, so the next step I took was trying to import .h files into actionscript.

Is there a way to import .h files or .cpp files to actionscript?

Or is there another method to talking to the matrix chip other than the use of LedControl.h file, which '#include's so many other files which actionscript cannot recognize properly anyways.

Or am I approaching this problem incorrectly?


Yep you are looking at it incorrectly.

You need to use flash to send a message to the arduino board. This will be through the serial port, it will be up to you what format, could be something a simple as a stream of 64 bits representing the on/off state of each square.

Then you need another different program, written in the arduino IDE, compiled and written to the arduino board, which takes the message from flash, and converts it into the format that the LedControl library needs, and sends it to the max7219 IC.

So just to reiterate, two totally different programs.

Sorry if I have mis-interpered what you are asking, and I have told you stuff you already know.


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