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I am going through the "Making things talk" book and have hit a strange roadblock. Using code copied and pasted from thebook website and compiling it with Arduino 0011 Alpha, I get the following error which I don't understand (http://www.makingthingstalk.com/chapter2/48/#more-48) :

error: variable or field 'serialEvent' declared void In function 'void setup()':
At global scope:

(and that's it)

It must be something really silly I am overlooking, or maybe an API or compiler change ? Any idea ? I am trying to compile that in the Arduino 011 Alpha IDE, I am guessing that's what the author means by "Open the Processing Application". Let me know if I am mistaken.

Thank in advance,



I think that means the processing app, available from here.



Do you have processing installed and are you using a Mac?


I didn't have processing installed. And I do use a Mac. I was under the false impression that Arduino.app would compile and run Wiring & Processing applications. I was mistaken. I downloaded Processing and ran the code with no issue.

While the book spends a lot of time detailing (what is trivial for me) network concepts it sometimes takes shortcuts when it comes to electronics basics and the IDE/language.

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