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Hi everyone new to the board and a very fast arduino learner.
 I'm not sure if firmware will be the correct terminology for what i'm trying to depict, but i want to know if i could write my regular sketch to the atmel168 and have a software that will change my variables by using a few buttons and settings displayed on an LCD.

 I'm a car enthusiast... and want to make different devises, for example; being able to turn on radiator fan at a set temp, then with out a pc from the arduino lower or increase that variable temp, via LCD menu.

if this is possible, will that be stored on the eepron??? is there any similar code available that i could refer to?

if not what kind of devices can i integrate to the circuit to handle this?

any info will be greatly appreciated, i'm starting my electronic engineering degree on January so i'm not yet truly comfortable with them.


while looking for info on this setup i found a video of this:http://www.liquidware.com/projects/15/Physical+computing+with+BitDJ on makezine i'm traying to do something like that, it doesn't have to be a touchscreen, i'm looking for info on how to change numeral variable in the chip from withing a program in it.

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