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Just wondering if anyone has any information about using Arduino as a MIDI input device for music creating programs, etc.  I want to use force, flex/bend sensors to manipulate sound within an OSX sound program.

Can Arduino function as a MIDI input device?
Does anyone know any capable sound application/programs to do this with?
If, possible how would one set up Arduino for this application?

Please let me know of any necessary info that could help me figure this out. Unfortunately I'm really new to this.

Thank you so much,


the topic is confusing, but you want to use arduino as controller for other midi equipment, right? in this case i would speak of arduino as midi output device (because arduino puts out midi). anyway! in case you want arduino speaking midi, you can use these circuits
they are taken from here:
please note, that the midi input circuit (that means that arduino receives midi) is discussed here:

my personal experience for arduino as midi controller so far is that timing-critical applications (as e.g. a step sequencer in my case) are not working well, as long as you don't use timer interrupts. i am still working to get that running properly ;)
easier tasks should be less critical, e.g. changing a midi continous controller by the readings of one or several flex-sensors.


Hi Kyle,

Since you want to control music software from a sensor connected to the Arduino board, what you are asking for is actually how to make the Arduino board a MIDI OUTPUT device.

Being a musician, I have also gone into researching this and have stumbled upon a very useful page:

This page will give you a quick and dirty introduction on how to setup the Arduino board, hookup a MIDI cable, write some code and send some simple Note-On messages.



Hello, I recently was trying to get the MIDI IN ciruit to work but my optocouple output only changed .1 volts when I applied voltage to the midi jack? Can someone help?





Maybe that will be of some use to you!


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