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Hi there,

I have connected my Arduino board to the GPRS Module and followed the tutorial. With AT commands sent through a terminal, it works fine, I can send commands and I get the answer in the terminal window...

What I can to do, with an Arduino program, is to send an AT command and wait for the expected answer. For instance if I send "AT", I want to wait for the "OK" reply.

I've tried to do it but it doesn't work ; the problem is that to make the Arduino board communicate to the GPRS Modem shield, a jumper is used (http://www.libelium.com/squidbee/index.php?title=New_GPRS_module_for_Arduino_(Hilo_-_Sagem)) thus making impossible to get traces on the computer...

Do you have any idea on:
- To implement such a command/answer function?
- How to get traces when the serial port is used for the modem? I really don't understand why I don't see the exchanges between the board and the GPRS module on the computer through the USB port...;


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