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Hi Everyone,
I'm trying to get Arduino and Flash to communicate with eachother using AS3Glue and Tinkerproxy on Vista 32-bit.  I'm going by this tutorial at: protolab.pbwiki.com/TutorialFlashSetup2009

I couldn't get serial proxy working, so I had to use Tinkerproxy.  I uploaded Firmata to the board and I am able to connect and the swf ways 'Socket connected!', but I can't seen to send or receive data.

If anyone knows how to get all of this working, please message me.  I need your help!



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Was just about to post a similar topic.

I have the same problem but with serproxy and the following tutorial:
(you might also want to try that one).

What happens is that it appears to succesfully connect:
serproxy says (as soon as I launch the flash):
Server Thread Started
server(2) - thread started

However, the Flash animation appears to not receive any data from the Arduino. The port and localhost adres are correct ( and 5332) because if I change it in Flash, it doesnt even bring serproxy further than 'Waiting for clients'.
Also, Arduino does work since if I unplug it serproxy says: "Failed to open comm port - connection refused".

Ports are opened in Windows' Firewall and I also run Vista 32bit.
I also tried running TinkerProxy with port 5332, port 2 and 9600bits

Any help is greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Oops, my bad, uploaded the wrong program to the Arduino  :-?. Forget about my question. Or might this be your problem as well  ::) ? (highly unlikely but ok)

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