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I have problem with MAX/MSP - SMS and arduino.
I use arduino 6 PWM outputs to drive brightnes of row of 8leds. (each PWM drives 8 leds)

Always when I am sending data from MAX/MSP through SimpleMessageSystem library the leds stop shining for I while.
It looks like the data transfer always interrupt the PWM output for a short moment. It makes led blinking, when I am changing brightness values.(and I am changing it almost always by the different functions...)
But I want it smooth....

I dont know how works the SimpleMessageSystem library, but for sure there are some Serial.read() functions. I run 9600baud, but the speed change doesnt solve the problem. Does Serial.read, interrupt the PWM output?

Please does anyone have any idea how to improve it?
Thanks a lot  :)


...really noone has this experience? Please did anyone notice the same interruption on PWM ( or maybe on whole ATMEGA 168) when the data from MAX/MSP is being transfered?
I think it is very important thing....
Thanks for any idea whats going on :)

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