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Apr 25, 2008, 09:24 pm Last Edit: Apr 25, 2008, 09:30 pm by eggplant Reason: 1
i'm developing a prototype for presentation using the winbond ESD17240. trying to access my audio using the 'stand alone' setting (push-buttons) was causing undesirable delays. i'm determined to get the SPI working, and your code postings are great in concert with the SPI examples on the arduino site. thanks!
my application will require asking for PLAY_PTR and REC_PTR positions. looks like i'll be able to take saturday off this week!
by the way, i've worked with the winbond chips numerous times and have nothing but good results. great documentation on their website and very helpful reps. (shocking, i know!)


Apr 30, 2008, 08:05 pm Last Edit: Apr 30, 2008, 08:13 pm by unsped Reason: 1
some errata:

the set_play above has the wrong value defined

it should be 0x80 not 0x49

corrected code:
Code: [Select]
#define SET_PLAY    0x80

also one user reported the isd worked with with the decimilia but not the older arduino. thanks eggplant.

also a brain fart on the last example it should be end>>8 and not start>>8

corrected code:
Code: [Select]
 spi_transfer(end&255); // data byte stop
 spi_transfer(end>>8); // data byte last 3 bits


I am developing a programmer for isd1730, but i have some problems.
Some commands work and some others do not. i.e. PU is working properly,
also SET_PLAY, but SET_REC sometimes is working and some other times isn't.
I am not sure if you can understand what i am trying to say. Weird things happen!
If sb can help....


Hey unsped, I am working with an ISD17120 COB demo. I'm trying to adapt your code to work with the 120.

I'm kinda alt-tabbing back and forth between your code, the EEPROM tutorial and the ISD 17XX design guide, trying to figure out why the code is not working. As of now, I cannot get the code to make the Winbond board do anything.  :'(

I had two really stupid noob questions for you:

- Does the ISD17120 have a different number of bits to initialize it than the ISD1760? (I am going to do more research on this myself; hopefully I can figure this out instead of getting stuck)

- I think I understand how to access the memory in the Winbond (like you described above) but I'm not sure where that chunk of code is supposed to fit into the program in your second post - do I access the memory location of my sound in the setup, or in the loop, or...?


Dear Eggplant...and everybody...

I use ISD1760 first on standalone mode, i want to optimize standalone mode...so need help from you guys..

How to make ISD 1760 automatic running, when i give them power supply, the IC automatic run and play one message only and than stop although maybe the supply still on. When supply off, every body stop :))

when i give ISD1760 with supply again, the cycle like above will work. i need only one cycle - one message run only. Before i use 17xx, i use ISD25xx and this is very simple to make like above. But that's ICs not produce again, replace with ISD1760 with "serial data for addressing messages". i don't know how to make easy like before (ISD25xx).

Please help me for a moment and ASAP...! :'( :'(

Thank You.


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