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I read abliss's post here:

and found it very interesting as I've been playing around with the wiimote for awhile now. Unfortunately I'm not great with code and I'm not sure how I can get readings from the wiimotes' accelerometer and buttons and use it's bluetooth capabilities to have the arduino communicate with my PC as is mentioned in the above post. I don't really understand what the code in the abliss' post does. Primarily I would like to somehow interface the wiimote and the arduino together and send the date over the bluetooth connection to my PC and into Max/MSP.. is this doable?


I'm very interested in this too, for PC (and possibly without Arduino at all, but no offense, I love it!!) -- would be nice to just send it directly to a USB bluetooth dongle and save the arduino for other stuff like lasers  ;)

I haven't used the Wiinmote program, which apparently works well. However I don't know how to get that data into Max after that.

On the Mac side the aka.wiimote object for Max does this job quite well and is free.



You could use glovepie  on a pc and send midi or osc to max


I found this site recently that has Wiimote & AVR/Arduino projects.


I know I'm digging up an old thread ;)
But you can get a REALLY good Visual C# .Net source code (2008 or so) for the WiiMote.
I don't remember where I found it, but if interested I will search my harddrive for the link!

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